B-R Ipads, Technology, Physical Education

Using Ipads and Related Technology to Improve the Teaching-Learning Process in Physical Education1.)  ROLE of technology in Physical Education

  • What can it do to help kids learn?
  • It likely takes too much time.  I only see my students ___ times a week!
  • Uggh!  We are finally giving in to the video game generation!

 2.)  NEW Massachusetts teacher evaluation rubric

  • Are you proficient?  This tool is not going away...yet.
  • Using Ipad/Iphone apps you can address many components of this new evaluation tool.
  • Simply by using Coach Note, Coach'sEye (video) you can easily achieve proficient or "exemplary" on several categories related to "communication" and "school community involvement"

 3.)  HANDOUT #1  Jeff Colburn's TOP 12 Apps for Physical Education     click here for PDF version 4.)  CoachNote App

  • Works on both Iphone and Ipad, but much easier to use on Ipad
  • you start with a "blank field" of almost ANY sport, you can also start with a blank screen which can be used for your "gymnasium" or "outdoor field"
  • There is a learning curve here, so be patient as you try some things
  • MAIN USE OF TOOL: To create video presentations for your students that use simple images, arrows, lines to assist learners understanding of key concepts, drills, and skills.  The main force behind its power is YOUR VOICE.  You narrate (recording) while you move the images around on the screen.  My students love hearing my voice on these as you can also use some humor to make these more fun.
  • How does it improve the teaching-learning process?  Once created, they can be used before class starts as homeworks (Flipped Model) for students to view prior to coming to PE class to learn.  They can also be used in class as a support for students who need repetition, or visuals, etc.
  • SEE CoachNote in Action: Used as a homework assignment

 5.)  Coach'sEye App

  • I began using Coach'sEye app in my baseball coaching.  I had players that had errors in their swing or pitching mechanics, and I used this app to narrate, draw lines, and highlight key portions of their performances. 
  • This app again relies on your voice, narration, but it combines it with a video clip, RATHER than a bachground image (like in Coach Note).
  • You can scroll through the video, forward and back as you discuss and highlight key aspects for your students.
  • This App has sevral free features, as well as some COOL paid features like a timer or angle tool!
  • SEE Coach'sEye in Action:An example on Flipped Gymnasium

 6.)  What is the Flipped Teaching Model?  How can it help ALL of our diverse students to become more physically competent?  How can it help students achieve and become more self motivated to move?

  • In a nutshell, the Flipped Teaching Model refers to rearranging how and when children receive "content" and have the ability to practice and apply what they are learning.
  • In physical education, my colleagues and I at The Flipped Gymnasium are using visual, video presentations of major skills, drills, activities, and games to share with students PRIOR to them coming to class to "learn."
  • Obvious pitfalls: access to technology, internet at home, motivation and support from home, TIME to create the presentations
  • In my school we began flipping last year in a couple key units, and it proved to be a worthwhile endeavor.
  • This year we are starting a volunteer Flipped Gymnasium group to work on presentations together.
  • Please take some time to look around our site: www.theflippedgymnasium.com  It is a work in progress but we hope you like it and may be interested in joining our team!

 7.)  I have 2 favorite apps that I like to use for flipped presentations: Explain Everything and Knowmia Teach PRO.

  • These apps are similar to the apps mentioned above in that you record and narrate throughout your presentation.  They are massively more powerful however!
  • example #1 2V1 Lead Passes
  • example #2 Handball, Lead Passes