Westwood Public Schools

Westwood Public Schools
December 1, 2014
Westwood Workshop
815 to 825            Introductions and Overview
825 to 840            Brainstorm Videos for our Group to perform in the gymnasium
840 to 910            Perform Activities and Drills for Video Taping
910 to 920            Introduction to CoachsEye
920 to 950            CoachsEye Analysis and Mark Up
950 to 1000          Introduction to Explain Everything
1000-1030           Explain Everything Creations
1030-1040           Introduction to The Flipped Gymnasium
1040-1115           Create content on www.theflippedgymnasium.com
Introductions and Overview
·        Jeff Colburn, Marcus De La Vega
·        We will be creating videos together and using them in Coach’s Eye and Explain Everything Apps
·        We will upload our “videos” to our personal youtube accounts.
·        We will take the embed code from youtube and create “artciles” for the flipped gymnasium website.
Brainstorm Videos for our Group to perform in the gymnasium
·        What drills, skills or activities would you liked videoed for your classes? (Skill Progression Video Worksheet)
·        I would like the following videoed: forward roll, a dive roll, 2 v2 passing drill, give and go layup, and triple threat basketball position.  You can all add your ideas to my list.
Perform Activities and Drills for Video Taping
·        We will become “actors” in the videos that we will be creating
·        We will work together to create great footage
·        People filming may need to assist others to video so that we all have good footage to use.
Introduction to Coach’s Eye
·        Plain video with no mark up
·        Video that has been "marked up" using Coach's Eye
·        GREAT! Coach's Eye Tutorials on You Tube
Coach’s Eye Analysis and Mark Up
·        Practice time with Coach’s Eye
·        Import videos that we took into the app
·        Explore using the “features” before you “record”
o   Draw lines, erase
o   Use shapes, erase
·        Record your voice and any mark ups you want
·        Save/upload to youtube
Introduction to Explain Everything
·        A simple example of Explain Everything using a video taken with an iphone
·        Here is an "enhanced" video using Explain Everything
·        Some great tutorials of Explain Everything on Youtube
Explain Everything Creations
·        Practice importing videos and coach’s eye videos into Explain Everything app
·        Explore adding text, pictures, arrows (mark up) to the Explain Everything  app
·        When ready, record your Explain Everything video.
·        Save/upload to your youtube account
Introduction to The Flipped Gymnasium
·        Login to www.theflippedgymnasium.com
·        This is a constant work in progress and is NOT funded in any way.  Yes it could be fancier and easier to use, but for now it’s free and very useful to use in our classes as long as you can learn the process (Work Flow)
·        Example of an "article" on The Flipped Gymnasium Website
Create content on www.theflippedgymnasium.com
·        Create an article (login, create article)
·        Copy the embed code ( example #1, example #2) from youtube video page and paste into the “body” of the article you are creating
·        All articles are moderated by me.  This means that they will come to my inbox so I can look them over before deciding to “publish” them or not.
·        Once published you can search for your article, or any topic you wish!
Some images that may help you along:
12 Great Apps to Consider