URI Flipped Presentation

Thank you for the opportunity to share our "Flipped Gymnasium" with you! I hope that you become more informed about:
1.) The Flipped Classroom Model
2.) Why the Flipped Classroom is great for student learning
3.) How I am "Flipping PE"
This video explains the reason why flipping is GREAT for ALL students!
It helps students of various motivation levels, learning styles and interests, access the KEY knowledge in ways that best suits them. The Flipped Model addresses so many of the changes that are happening in public k-12 schools right now: technology, child-centered classrooms, student talk vs teacher talk...

This next video is great for a couple of reasons. First, it is introducing a 7 step "method." We all know that "2 no more than 3" is the best advice when introducing new cues and concepts. This would not be GREAT teaching if done in the classroom. A supervisor may in fact look at this as "ineffective" teaching. However, by "flipping" the instruction, this becomes great teaching! Second, this demonstration/explanation in the classroom/gymnasium would likely last MUCH longer than the 2 minute video clip. There would be many questions and time would be needed for the teachers to address these questions. ***Using the flipped model does not mean that teachers should not be available to answer questions! I am simply pointing out the amount of time that is potentially saved by students being able to pause and replay the content. A final consideration, is that learning/remembering a multi-step set of directions in class is challenging! Many of our students, typically developing and those with disabilities, will struggle to mange all this new information. However, flipping the information, gives them multiple opportunities to absorb the content.

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